Services We Provide

Our team at Empire Medicaid Solutions provides all of the services required during the Medicaid application process. We will assist you, your family and the nursing home in obtaining a faster approval to avoid any loss of Medicaid benefits. Our team provides statewide counsel to the family and the client to advise them of potential out-of-pocket exposure prior to Medicaid coverage and the amount of the applicant’s income that will need to be contributed to the cost of their care.

We are backed by in-house counsel that reviews each and every application for completeness and to point out planning opportunities that may exist. With any other Medicaid application processor, you will not receive this invaluable insight. We will work with your attorney or refer you to someone who can help maximize any planning opportunities.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to any hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility or other senior residence to assist their residents in completing Medicaid applications. We are available to present to your staff to discuss how we can increase your receivables, and shorten the turnaround time on Medicaid applications.